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About Zoë

I believe strongly that parenthood is complex and marvelous but that it is also really hard. I also think that it deserves far more care, attention, and support than most receive. As both a mother and a therapist, I am well versed in the opportunities for pain and struggle that parenthood brings. I have devoted myself to helping individuals and couples navigate these challenges, so that they may more fully experience the joy of this task.

In working with clients, I take a compassionate, solution-oriented approach. I listen closely and kindly and cultivate a space of rest and reflection. I help people create solutions to complex problems and works with concerns such as infertility, perinatal loss, perinatal depression and anxiety, and birth trauma.

Although I have active, problem-solving approach, listening within the context of my professional experience, I also attend to you as another human being and as a fellow mother who is on a similar journey. You are not alone and you will leave feeling that.

My Philosophy

In conceptualizing clients and their concerns I take an ecosystemic and attachment-based perspective. This means that I consider client’s early relationships with caregivers as they affect present functioning as well as the larger familial and social context in a client’s life.

I completed my graduate work at Villanova University in Pennsylvania and have worked in various contexts including treatment centers, universities, outpatient clinics and mobile crisis. I received specialized training in perinatal mental health through Postpartum Support International, completing both their certificate and advanced training. I am active in the local and global community of professionals advocating for women's health and well-being surrounding birth and the transition to motherhood.

I focus on providing compassionate and attentive support to clients as they articulate their thoughts, feelings and struggles, and believe that this context is necessary for the definition and resolution of problems. The client and I determine goals for therapy in collaboration, with the ultimate objective being to resolve current problems and improve overall functioning.

I assist client in this process through a variety of strategies beginning with reflective listening, increasing client’s awareness of physical/emotional sensations and helping clients identify cognitive and relational patterns. I also use techniques such as empty chair work, role-playing and “homework in between sessions.


I charge $100 for a 55-minute individual session and $140 for a 75-minute couples session.

We do not accept insurance at this time in order to ensure greater individualized and flexible care. We do accept FSA and HSA spending accounts.